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Welcome to the Star Lake Protective Association! 

The SLPA has been dedicated to the preservation of Star Lake since 1901!  The Star Lake Protective Association's mission is "to promote the protection and improvement of Star Lake and the surrounding property and environment".  We are a non-regulatory, non-profit organization which conducts meetings twice a year and sponsors recreational events and activities for lake residents and visitors.  See About the SLPA for more information.

Star Lake, located in northern New York State, is a small, pristine lake situated in the western foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.  Star Lake shares its borders with a hamlet of the same name.  About half of its lake residents live here year-round in winterized homes, enjoying four true "north country" seasons.  Others come to Star Lake on vacations, week-ends or "for the summer" to visit their vacation cottages, some of which are well over 100 years old, built in the true Adirondack camp fashion.  All enjoy the cool, crystal-clear lake water in a great variety of ways.  Fishing, swimming, and all types of water sports and boating are popular.  There is a Star Lake Regatta every year for sailing enthusiasts.  Canoes and kayaks are in abundance.  Many consider their "rafts" the vehicle of choice as they slowly motor around the lake in relative luxury and comfort.  Motor boats and jet skis are also popular for tubing, knee boarding and water skiing.  No matter what your favorite watercraft, you can enter the annual Poker Run.  Star Lake has a sandbar that has been referred to as the "village green," where Star Lakers get together to socialize.  There is something for everyone on this very special little lake. 

This site was developed in March, 2007 and is constantly evolving as new new content is being planned and articles are revised.  You are invited to browse around and come back often for updated or new information.  If you are a member, look for Association news, particularly in the Members' Area (you will need a username and password).  If you are not a member, please consider joining us in our endeavor to keep Star Lake beautiful, clean and safe for all to enjoy for generations to come.  Please feel free to use the multi-purpose Feedback form to comment on the site or ask for information. 

May 2nd--Ice-Out 2018 is Here!
Ice-out is officially called when the vast majority of the lake is navigable and clear of ice, except for minor accumulations in colder bays.  Normally, ice-out occurs between the third and fourth week of April.  The spring of 2012 marked a record early March 21st ice-out.  2018, not so much.  Far later this year, by 5/2/2018, ice was officially out.  Tough going with the raft at 8:30 am.  Southerly winds, 70 degrees and sunshine put a hurt on the ice remaining.  By noon, most of the main lake, except for the southern bays, was navigable.  For the full story... (you will need a username and password)

Visit Us Through the Star Lake Handbook

Postcard Gallery--Take a Historical Tour

The Star Lake Handbook is a 20-page color booklet describing scenic Star Lake and the Star Lake Protective Association.  Contents include historical  facts about the lake, pictures, a map and fishing and boating information.  The Handbook is a compilation of many people's efforts and is provided to inform and entertain.

Click here to access and read the most recent edition of the Handbook.  Use the feedback link to order printed copies, if you like.  Past editions are available for viewing in PDF format. 

2/5/2017  The Postcard Gallery has been recently updated with 36 new (old) postcards in the Members' Area of the site.  Take a tour of Star Lake as our great grandparents knew it.  Many of the postcards here date back to the early 1900's, when Star Lake was a thriving recreational summer retreat.  Visit "Post Cards" to see Star Lake in a totally different way. (A username and password is required)

2019 SLPA Meetings and Events

Place Time
Sat, June 29 Regular Meeting-socializing/refreshments; meeting to follow Adirondack Exhibit Center (Old Schoolhouse--SOS) 10:00 am
Tues, July 9 First Lake Road Clean-up Meet at CFCS (school) parking lot 9:00 am
Sat, Aug 3 15th Annual Poker-Run Meet at the sandbar to register 12:00 noon
Tues, Aug 13 Lake Shoreline Clean-up Meet at the Sandbar 1:00 pm
Sat, Aug 24 Annual Dinner Meeting - 5:00 Cocktails 6:00 Meeting, Dinner to follow To be determined 5:00 pm
Tues, Sept 10 Second Lake Road Clean-up Meet at CFCS (school) parking lot 9:00 am


Boating Safety Class Now On-line

Please Use the New DEC Boat Washing Station

The NYS Parks and Recreation people have announced that anyone can now receive a boating safety certificate by taking the course on-line.  This course is equivalent to the 8-hour classroom course offered locally in the past.  Once the course has been successfully completed, a written certificate is issued and boaters can, at their option, have the certification stated on their driver's license, learning permit or non-driver ID, much like motorcycle certification is indicated on the license.

For more information about fees and how to enroll, follow this link.  If you are local and would like to know more about enrolling in a classroom Boating Safety course this summer, use our feedback form and we will provide local instructor contact information. 

Currently, it is a legal requirement for all jet ski (pwc) operators and for all boat operators born after May 1, 1996 to successfully complete the boaters' safety course.  For jet ski operation, only children 14 and up can take the course and operate a PWC legally.  Children from 10 to 19 cannot operate a boat alone unless they take and pass the course.

The SLPA supports any effort to keep our lake and the people who use it safe and we encourage anyone who operates a motorized boat or jet ski to take this course.  Hopefully this will lead to the safe, responsible operation of watercraft.

A New Boat Washing Station is in operation for the Clifton-Fine area as part of a pilot program by the State to keep invasive species at bay.  The site is located at the corner of Rt. 3 and County Rt. 60, near J&L.  The wash station is manned by volunteers from Paul Smith's College five days a week from 7 am to 4 pm and will eventually be available seven days a week. 

The DEC advises boaters and anglers to check their boats, trailers and other fishing and boating equipment for any plants or animals that may be clinging to it.  It's the law: "Following a thorough inspection, boats should be cleaned, drained and dried."  If you stop in with your boat, you will receive a free careful inspection and a 140-degree power washing to kill free-loading plants and creatures.

Lakes in the Adirondack Park are relatively free of invasive plants and animals so far; but there has been a recent push by New York State to insure that they do not get introduced into our pristine lakes and streams.  Invasive species like milfoil, zebra mussels, clams, and water fleas can be introduced to clean lakes by careless boaters and fishermen.  Invasive species generally come from Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence river or other contaminated bodies of water clinging to boat bottoms, trailors and fishing gear.  Boats, trailers, livewells, and gear need to be properly inspected and cleaned before launch into another body of water.  This new washing station should make it easier for those who move boats from lake to lake. So, if you are heading across the Route 3 corridor, please stop in for this free inspection and washing.  And please, help us to keep our lakes and waterways free of invasives. 

For more info, go here; click graphic to enlarge for viewing; press back to return.

New York State Boater's Guide

SLPA Hosts Cycle Adirondacks to Star Lake

The New York State Boater's Guide, which we have made available to members at meetings in printed form, provides a wealth of boating information.  Included in this guide are useful links to various New York agencies and current legal requirements for boating registration, licensing and operation in New York State. 

"This guide provides basic boating safety information on such topics as registration, operation, equipment and rules of the road, however we strongly encourage every boater to sign up for some formal boating instruction before venturing out on their own." 

If you are new to boating; or if you would like to know more about New York boating regulations, you should read this booklet.  The free guide can be downloaded here in .pdf form to be read or printed.   

On Sunday, August 23, 2015, 150 to 200 cyclists stopped in Star Lake, one of six stops on their 450+ mile journey through the Adirondacks.  While in town, SLPA volunteers took those interested on a raft ride, culminating in a get-together on the sandbar where refreshments were served.  One of Star Lake's distinctive features is the more than 100 motorized rafts that slowly cruise around the lake.  Cyclists got to see what makes this lake so special to all of us as they rode on these unique water crafts.  After being picked up at the Star Lake Haven's shore, they rode over to the sandbar to partake of some true Star Lake hospitality and socializing, sandbar-style.  Many other activities were planned by community leaders including a free concert at the school.  The raft ride was just one of them, but as many said later, it was the most memorable, pleasurable experience--much positive feedback was received by the Cycle Adirondacks participants. 

To read the article about Cycle Adirondacks and Star Lake rafts in Vermont Sports, go here.  An article from Adventure Cycling Magazine can be found here.  To Learn more about Cycle Adirondacks, go to their website here.

Articles about Star Lake Rafts...

2018 '80's Movies Poker Run Broke Record!

Click here to read a June 27, 2010 article in The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, OH, written by Evelyn Theiss, recent visitor to Star Lake. 

Click here for a link to the article on the web site

Read the article in Vermont Sports about Star Lake rafts and Cycle Adirondacks' visit to Star Lake on 8/23/2015.

Vessels of all sizes returned to the sandbar after visiting the five designated stations around the lake.  Best decorated winners were the Zimmerman team.

The 14th Annual Poker Run was held on a beautiful sunny, hot August 4th.  There were a record 168 hands registered at the sandbar.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone was able to complete the poker run and return to the sandbar to determine the best three hands and the worst.  Prizes were also awarded for best decorated vessel and best costume.  This year's theme was "'80's Movies" and a great party followed the awards ceremony on the sandbar.  (more)

Recent Meeting Minutes:

Member Information & Logon

If you're interested in what happened at the last meeting, visit the recent meetings link.  While the archives are for members only, we are providing minutes from the most recent meetings in order to keep everyone in the community informed of SLPA activities and events.  Also, a copy of the latest spring mailing is found here.  If you are on the lake, perhaps you might come to the next meeting? (photo by Rod Miller)

We maintain a members' area that is password-protected to insure the privacy of our members.  If you already have your logon info, feel free to visit the Members' Area.  If you are a member and don't yet have a username and password; or, if you would like to join the SLPA, please use the feedback form to contact us.  Currently, dues are $20 per calendar year. (photo by Leon Zois)

Local Star Lake Weather at a Glance...

Live-view of Weather on Star Lake

The weather station on Swiss Point came on-line August, 2012.  Real-time data is sent out to Weather Underground and Davis WeatherLink (on the left). 

An almost real-time view Star Lake is provided by a webcam on Swiss Point, installed in 2014.  The picture above is updated every five minutes to provide an up-to-the minute view of the weather.

For more weather info, visit the Star Lake Weather Page. (A username and password is required)

A second view of the lake can be seen here, provided by Dean Newtown, looking east from his camp on Lake Road. (press "back" to return to this page)



Weather Underground Station KNYSTARL3 (data from Davis VantageVue station on Swiss Point)

Clifton-Fine Central School Weather Station (data via Weatherbug)
(Follow the links above for more detailed information; press "back" to return to this page)
'Tis the Season...  Here are the most recent seasonal pictures of the lake.  Click on a picture for a larger view; click the "back" button to return here.  To see more pictures of this season and of past seasons, go to the 'Tis the Season page in the Members' Area (a username/password is required).  Go to the 'Tis the Season page to see more than 8 complete years of seasonal pictures of Star Lake!
1/7/2019  An unusual purple-mauve hue adorned the morning sky, reflecting off the snow. 1/5/2019  Ice fishermen try their luck on a nice sunny afternoon. 1/5/2019  Winter activities on the ice have begun.  A nice day for a walk on the lake! 1/5/2019  Morning fog froze onto grey birch branches, creating a "winter wonderland".
1/5/2019  Another warm morning creates some mystical surface fog on the lake. 1/4/2019  Spectacular sunrises continue into 2019 as the weather swings like a mood. 1/1/2019  Newley wishes everybody a "Happy (chilly) New Year!" 12/31/2018  A beautiful sunrise marks the last day of 2018.
12/27/2018  The ice is finally thick enough for snowmobile tracks to begin to appear. 12/22/2018  Old man winter reared his ugly head again, with overnight snow and temps dropping. 12/21/2018  The 1st day of winter was picture-perfect, but not for long! 12/21/2018  Rain, along with warm temps, melted much of the snow on land and on the lake.
12/21/2018  Unbelievable--the first day of winter!  A major thaw added to the volatile temp swings. 12/20/2018  The golden glow of the last morning of fall slowly lights up the eastern sky. 12/19/2018  'Tis the Season for awe- inspiring early morning sun rises. 12/11/2018  A totally unique and beautiful "sun pillar" graced the eastern morning sky.
12/8/2018  Wow!  Just wow...  What a way to start the day--coffee on the front porch, watching the sun rise! 12/7/2018  A frigid night, 37 degrees spread in 7 hours; back to below-normal (the new norm) the next day. 12/7/2018  After the storm, a beautiful winter wonderland with snow heavy in the white pines--coldest night yet. 12/7/2018  Back to the snow--two days of lake effect snow, ran the snow blower three times!

11/6/2010  A wintry panorama of Star Lake, looking east off Swiss Point, kind of makes you shiver as cloudy sky and early snow showers blanketed the lake in shades of gray, devoid of any remnants of recently-departed fall colors. 

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